I tried the shampoo and conditioner last night. I love both. The shampoo lathers well, rinses easily, is not harsh on the coat. It rinses clean but leaves the hair feeling soft and well conditioned. I like it very much as most whitening shampoos I find too harsh for the Havanese coat. The conditioner is also excellent. It hydrates well with out weighing the coat too much.

Connie - Havanese Harbor, Tampa, FL


Now that I've had time to see the dogs after their grooming with your shampoo and conditioner I wanted to let you know how much I like the product. They are so soft and fluffy and the white is so white.

Carmen, IL

and two weeks later:

Wanted to let you know the shampoo & conditioner has helped Roxy's dry skin. Her black patches always looked like she had dandruff and since using your product she has no signs of skin flaking. I wanted to wait and see and it has been 2 weeks and still no "dandruff". Woo-hoo! Thanks again for a great product.

Carmen, IL


I had someone ask us again this weekend at a four day show what shampoo we used. I guess Frost and Liza are walking advertisements for you!"

Sherrie, OH


I used it on my bichon Barney and he looks wonderful. The smell is fantastic

Karen, Washington, DC


The doorbell rang, however Kezi alerted all to the arrival of Ziggy's shampoo.

The whole buying experience was the best ever...personal attention, notification of every step, and super fast. Even a note that is was delivered to the door. Wow. Thank you.

Linda, FL


Deb gave Whimsy a bath over the weekend and used the Ziggy's products - wow! Her hair feels great, really soft and fluffy. I love this stuff! She is allergic to a lot of products, but has had no bad reaction whatsoever to the shampoo and conditioner, so I have a new favorite set of products :) ... Kippy gets to try them out soon!

Debbi, KS


Thanks so much for great products. We liked them so much that we increased our order this time. We certainly do not want to run out! Darwin and Phoenix had Ziggy baths this afternoon and smell great.

 Sue and Christina Dover DE


Not only does it do a wonderful job on my 3 bichon's coats, I am hooked on the fragrance.

They are terrific products.

Karen, Rockville, MD


1) I received the samples and wanted to thank you. I used them on my 3 Havanese on Friday, all 3 have very different coats, and they feel great! One curly, one cottony that mats so easily, and one in full long coat. They each feel soft and smell great!!! I hosted a playdate on Saturday where we had 20 dogs and I told them all what I'd used.

2) FYI-I have a new foster dog here through HRI and she smelled awful! Bathed her last night with Ziggy's and she's clean, smells good, and feels so soft! I recommend your products to everyone and appreciate your donations to HRI!

Ann, Cumming, GA


I received your shampoo and conditioner and tried it right before a show. I had no idea what to expect, but I can't believe the difference it made! My Hav's hair mats so easy, and they just fell away! The texture is now amazing. I'm so happy I found your product!

Tina, GA


A huge compliment on your products. Hubbie Sam asked me yesterday "what are you washing the dogs with-their coats are so soft?" Now this is from a guy who hasn't noticed, on numerous occasions, the fact his wife's hair has changed color.

Margaret, OH


1) This is the best shampoo and conditioner I've ever used on the pooches

2)  I am so glad that I discovered your products (got the samples at the Havanese Nationals).

I ordered the full sizes after using the samples, and now I know I'm done with my search for the best shampoo and conditioner. Yours really is the best!
Kim, LA


I contacted Ziggy's Pet Products as I have a little year old, male Havanese/Maltese. Charley was having a terrible time with tangles. I was about at my wits end and ready to have all his wonderful curls cut off as I could not keep up with making him look fluffy and tangle free.
              On a whim, I contacted Robert and tried each and every product. I have never been so happy with anything like this before! Charley is now white, fluffy, his little curls are bouncy and shiny and he no longer smells like a "little boy". The true "plus" is how shiny his coat looks.
             I also would like to comment on Robert and his wonderful hands-on approach. Such a joy to deal with.
Thank you most sincerely,
Ter'e and Charley


We were chosen as the Forever Family for a brother and sister from the same litter, 3-year old Havanese.  I couldn't find a shampoo or conditioner that I was happy with.  I tried your sample shampoo and conditioner and was thrilled. The shampoo was so easy to rinse out. The conditioner made combing their coats so much easier, the tangles combed out soooo easy.  Their coats are shinier than I had ever seen them, even better than when they had been to the groomer. They smelled so good and it lasts.  Every time we had a friend or family member visit they commented on how much softer their coats were and how good they smelled.  I wouldn't use anything else buy Ziggy's as it is everything I had hoped for and more.

Thanks for a wonderful product!


Orlando, FL