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                                    Ziggy's Lavender and Neem

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                                                   Lavender and Neem Calming Wash

                                                   After months of research, we have perfected what we think is the best

                                                   coat grooming product available. The product provides gentle effective

                                                   cleansing with the added benefit of also proving excellent conditioning

                                                   properties. The result is a clean coat with a wonderfully healthy


                                                   We actually carry out our own extraction of the Lavender and Neem in

                                                   our laboratory so that we can be certain of consistent quality. Neem

                                                   has a long history of use in promoting a healthy skin and coat.

                                                  Combined with Lavender infusion this product provides a luxurious spa

                                                  grooming experience.

                                                  Contains a proprietary deodorizer and a unique signature fragrance

                                                   chosen specifically for the new line.

                                                   Paraben free. May be used on all dogs and puppies over 6 weeks

                                                   old. Use diluted or in its concentrated form for best results. Available in

                                                   an 8 fl.oz bottle with convenient flip top dispenser cap for single

                                                   handed operation.




                                                   Lavender and Neem Conditioning Rinse

                                                   To compliment our Calming Wash, we have developed a very effective

                                                   and easy conditioning rinse containing Neem and Lavender. Provides

                                                   effective conditioning for all coat types. Neem and Lavender infusion

                                                   helps to provide a healthy skin and coat. Neem has a long history of use

                                                   in skin and hair care products. Also contains a proprietary deodorizer

                                                  and fresh signature fragrance.

                                                  Paraben free. Available in an 8 fl oz bottle with very convenient pump

                                                  cap for single handed operation.



Please note that pumps are not currently available for the   32oz size

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Our products are not tested on animals.

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